All you need to know about NFT Magic Cards

Why are EmiSwap’s Magic Cards special?

  • They are issued in collections, both monthly and on special occasions.
  • Every collection contains cards of all 5 tiers.
  • Five cards of the same tier can be swapped for one card of a higher tier.
  • Users can participate in Card Wars and win valuable prizes.
  • They can be traded in a fun marketplace to be released in July.
  • They help EmiSwap users make real money.

How on earth do they do that?

  • 1 Mythic Card
  • 10 Legendary Cards
  • 40 Epic Cards
  • 150 Rare Cards
  • 300 Uncommon Cards
  • 500 Ordinary Cards

Different Magic Cards and their Magic Powers

The Rules of the Game

  • You won’t know what your Magic Card holds until you flip it.
  • X2 and X3 cards are an exception as they are opened automatically.
  • To swap or exchange cards, they have to remain hole (not flipped).
  • When new card collections are announced, so will information detailing their bonuses and collectibles.
  • Participants will know what to expect; but not what they will discover once their cards are flipped.

Important disclaimer regarding NFT rewards

  • Only after the 10X bonuses for liquidity providers campaign expires — in mid-July 2021 — can NFT Card bonuses become functional.
  • The card you got for engaging in the pre-seed or having liquidity will remain hole (unopened) until the 10X bonus campaign wraps.
  • Following that, you will be able to open your card and receive your bonus, which may be bonus ESW tokens, rewards for liquidity suppliers, swappers, ESW staking, or card multiplying prizes.
  • Other perks, such as farm-speeding powers and battle cards will be available shortly after their design and internal marketplace integration.



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