EmiSwap 15,000 $ESW Giveaway Winners

Hey EmiSwappers!

Recently, a competition was held where we rewarded users with 15,000 $ESW, and the requirements for entry were to help our DEX pop on social media, like Twitter, Medium and more. We were so happy to see 10,400+ entries and for those of you that didn’t make it, better luck next time, and you know it! There WILL be a next time because this is EmiSwap.

Now, the EmiSwap AMM DEX is delighted to declare the winners of our 15,000 ESW social campaign.

EmiSwap would like to wholeheartedly congratulate all the winners, as you excelled. To receive your reward, please message our awesome community leaders on Telegram at @Abuelkheeir or @alibarisr with your ETH address and best of luck in the next campaign! Stay tuned!

P.S: You always have the chance to win $ESW whenever you make a swap or pool on EmiSwap. If you provide liquidity, you may also win an NFT Magic Card!

You can stay updated on EmiSwap and engage with our lovely community:

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