Emiswap DEX Offers Shiden Farmers 800% APR

  1. 800% APR Farming pools: Users can provide liquidity, stake LP tokens in farming pools, and receive high 800% APR rewards, attracting more liquidity to our DEX and increased long-term investors into the Shiden ecosystem.
  2. Bridging to Shiden: ESW tokens have a bridge to Shiden from Polygon. You can select the Shiden Network and click bridge assets (Minimum: 600 ESW).
  3. Choosing Pools: Analytics on shiden are live. You can see all the available pools, choose the pools you like, or even create your own with any tokens.
  4. Referral Program: Participants receive a percentage from the rewards of users they invited to the Emiswap platform on three levels. Learn more.

About Shiden

About Emiswap



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