EmiSwap: DEX paragon — Interview with the Founder

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For the third and final article, Grigory Rybalchenko, CEO and Founder of EmiSwap answers questions regarding the future of EmiSwap as a decentralized hero, plans for the NFT marketplace, marketing, functionality, and EmiLend. EmiSwap had phenomenal achievements in its short span and the future is only looking bright. As the price of ESW increases and liquidity providers stand in line, the EmiSwap DEX will give the biggest competition a run for their money.

What are the problems facing blockchain and what is EmiSwap’s role?

There are many cool and great platforms out there operating as decentralized finances and helping people, but no one platform was able to solve all functionality and interoperability problems. Like Binance for example, that allows for good transaction prices which enhances usability, but the concern is, how long can they keep it up with the price of BNB token growing and expanding. Many platforms are also implementing internal governance modules so that developments and functionality are voted on by the users. UniSwap just released version 3 which allows concentrated liquidity which is good. Many players are working hard to solve user errors and enhance DeFi. EmiSwap is playing its part through extensive LP rewards and gas fee compensation.

Are there plans for including cross and multi-blockchain support?

Initially many blockchains will emerge and work in isolation. Soon enough, swaps will be available across blockchains like Binance and Ethereum. It will form a bridge that eases transactions between several networks Then second layer protocols will work together on many blockchains. Sooner or later the solutions will emerge. Polkadot is developing “Para-chains” which will allow transactions between all protocols through the Polkadot relay chain.

Do you plan to offer lending in the future?

Yes, the EmiDAO ecosystem will involve more projects as it evolves. They will all be governed by ESW tokens. The next product will be EmiLend, which is a lending platform. Then we have the EmiFund. The fund will be decentralized as well. They will be available on the EmiTrade platform that will allow you to trade so well you’d think you’re using a centralized exchange, only better!

What are your NFT plans?

We are planning on releasing new NFTs with newer mechanics. We currently allow people to win their NFT Magic Cards if they provide liquidity and so on. Shortly, they will be able to farm NFTs and stake them.

We plan to collaborate with artists later and grow our collection while adding value to it, both artistic and functional. We love our NFT cards because they’re full of meaning. Soon enough they’ll be launched on a special marketplace. But don’t think of something small, we’re discussing a concept for an NFT devoted blockchain. We are working towards unmatched functionality and interoperability so that NFTs are moved freely and without hassle. Our platform will be one of the first in the world to offer new mechanics and visions for a more palpable and rewarding future.

When will the NFT marketplace be launched?

In terms of a functional one, we are aiming for a site with all kinds of standards supported, towards the end of July. We will implement a separate blockchain for NFTs and users will be able to engage and move them across other blockchains.

Will the EmiSwap launchpad be used to accommodate new token releases?

Yes, absolutely. We had many requests to have token sales on our platform. We are thinking of a potential EmiLaunch project but someday. Now, our focus is on helping our community get the most out of EmiSwap, and our internal launch pad was very useful in that regard.

Is the term IEO correct for a decentralized exchange?

Almost, but it’s not IEO, but IDO instead. Stands for initial decentralized exchange offering.

What does the future hold for blockchain in terms of solutions?

The force and power of blockchain are undisputed. Many platforms including EmiSwap have committed to the exploration and implementation of a global DeFi. In the face of such a grand illuminating vision, problems seem less significant. However, the solutions are in the works and nearly finished. If people are looking for a life hack, buy ESW, that’s it.

What do you have planned in terms of Marketing?

We plan to develop some high-end marketing campaigns. The people at EmiSwap love hypothesis testing and this is what we are doing right now. So far we’ve had incredible success on Telegram which is amazing for advertisements and it’s very helpful considering that the acquisition cost of every user is not cheap. We are focusing on content marketing so our visitors and users find detailed information about everything they need. If you’re reading this it’s your chance to join early. Soon we’ll be spending much more on marketing and people.

Does EmiSwap have an Ambassador Program?

Yes, we have an ambassador program and it is very cool. It is great for influencers and social media gurus. If you feel passionate about the future of finance, if you like our product and if you want to earn extra rewards for your activities, fill in the Ambassador’s form on our website. Our team will provide you with all the necessary details. Essentially it is like a super referral program. You get a cashback for every single user or liquidity provider you invite to the platform and surely we provide you with all the resources you need.

What’s the incentive for holding ESW?

Usually, a platform gives a user free tokens. The user sells them because that’s the only way they’d make a profit. The difference is that ESW tokens generate money for you ALL THE TIME!

It’s not just a token, instead, it’s like you’re buying shares because you get dividends. ESW tokens are magic assets that keep giving back all the time. That’s a huge incentive to hold them and earn a passive income. ESW is a winning token!

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