EmiSwap Explained: Liquidity Mining

Hi there, EmiSwap guests!

In the continuation of our series, where we talk about all the subtleties of the EmiSwap DEX processes, today we will talk about how the liquidity mining procedure works. We will provide you with all the information you needed before you started mining. Let’s get right to it!

What is Liquidity Mining?

Liquidity mining is the fundamental process of any decentralized exchange. In fact, the concept itself, also known as yield farming, is a process of ensuring the liquidity of the exchange through providing some amount of cryptocurrency to the protocol.

This is a mutually beneficial interaction between swappers and the liquidity providers when both parties profit from the cooperation. Since liquidity mining is very important for EmiSwap, we are generously rewarding everyone who wants to contribute to the exchange’s liquidity.

More about bonuses

Up to the 100th day after the launch rewards for early adopters will be 10 times larger than the standard 0,25% of trading fees. Within this period 30,000 ESW will be proportionally distributed among liquidity providers for 1 million DAI trading volume.

Moreover, there’s a more short-term privilege for LPs that will be on only up to the 40th day after launch. Every 1,000 blocks EmiSwap will issue 6,150 ESW additionally and distribute them among LPs in proportion to the amount of liquidity provided.

And last, but not least you can join the referral program, which may also greatly plus up your profits. If your referral LP is entitled to bonus ESW tokens, you, as his referrer will get 10% of that bonus.

How to become an early adopter?

You can already become an early adopter and provide liquidity to the platform. The official launch already happened, so soon we’ll rewarding holders with special bonuses (from day 10 after launch onwards).

Total ESW token fund allocation for early liquidity providers is 6,000,000 ESW. So, don’t miss your chance to boost profits from the outset!

Here is your guide to providing liquidity on EmiSwap: https://emiswap.medium.com/how-to-add-liquidity-to-emiswap-242f0112fccb

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