EmiSwap Explained: NFT

Hello there!

We have been talking a lot about our Magic Cards and other advantages of our project among the competitors, but we haven’t really discussed the real breakthrough we did on the market of non-fungible tokens. Today we will talk about NFTs in particular and explain to you what these tokens were used for before EmiSwap came to the DeFi market.

Facts you should know about NFT

NFT means ‘non-fungible token’. This type of token cannot be traded for another NFT as an ordinary token, however, it still lives on the blockchain. Because of their uniqueness, such coins are often used to encode valuable objects from the real or virtual world in the crypto environment. These tokens have the same value as the usual stock and assign your ownership of a unique digital object on the web. The most well-known example is CryptoKitties, NFTs from which it all started back in 2017.

The general problem with NFT was that they had a postponed value. The only advantage of holding it is that you can profit from selling it in the future. That means that the holder could not make a profit from such a token immediately after its acquisition.

EmiSwap’s breakthrough

EmiSwap decided to combine the NFT technology and the game mechanics of trading cards in order to create unique yield-boosting cards that not only bring practical profit but also add an exciting gaming experience to the process of using the exchange.

EmiSwap’s NFT Magic Cards are represented in five rarity tiers. Each Magic Card has a special prize, which is not known until you flip them. The bonus fund is updated every month and usually includes a certain number of bonus ESW tokens, farm-speeding powers, x2 or even x3 multiplier for a card exchange, and exceptional-value mythic and battle cards.

Already wondering how to get one of those?

Well, there are several ways. The first and the easiest option is to participate in the token sale. You need to purchase at least 500 ESW to get a free Magic Card. Also, make sure you are registered to the White List and you are taking action fast enough because only 1000 participants will get NFT Cards for free.

You can also become an early adopter and ‘farm’ NFTs as a bonus for liquidity mining. But since the token sale is still live, we suggest you participate in it!

And lastly, as soon as there would be enough cards in circulation, there would also be a chance to buy these tokens in the special marketplace.

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