EmiSwap LP Bonus Recalculation

Dear EmiSwap Community,

The EmiSwap DEX promises liquidity and security. To do that, we go over every detail necessary to ensure that all liquidity pools are protected to prevent loss, fraud, or fake transactions.

On May 11, following these principles, we recalculated all rewards for liquidity providers according to the 10X campaign rules and procedures.

The key points that lead us to make the decision are the following:

  • EmiSwap does not support liquidity bonuses for non-liquid pairs traded on EmiSwap because users can rig the market to maximize their rewards, therefore lowering rewards for the whole community.
  • This is also because fraudulent users may generate completely fabricated transactions to provide artificial liquidity and fake swaps with tokens they’ve generated on Ethereum.
  • Even though ESW remains a non-liquid token prior to the token generation event (i.e. listing on launchpads), we decided to give rewards for ESW/token pairs that were allocated to user’s balances only before May 11.
  • We know the desires of our community and therefore returned even the initially incorrectly allocated rewards. That’s right, we love you, people!
  • Please note that starting May 11 and until the token generation event (TGE) there won’t be any reward allocations for ESW/token pairs to any users.

Following the Token Generation Event, you will be presented with the full force of the EmiSwap DEX. Until then, incremental changes will be made to improve upon functionality, security, and sustainability as we propel EmiSwap into the next phase.

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