EmiSwap’s new logo is breathtaking…

3 min readJun 1, 2021


Hello, Swappers! Notice something different?

The Vote

EmiSwap is looking better and slicker than ever and performing beautifully. According to a yes or yes vote we had on our telegram, we knew people would like it, but we wanted to see who would absolutely love it! Our telegram community voted and here’s what they think:

The Hidden Meaning

Triangles and pyramids have represented power and the geometry of the entire universe throughout history, and today we take that power back.

The power of decentralization comes from the grid of nodes located around the planet, holding together the web of the future. This is where EmiSwap’s power comes from, the global community of users and people that use Emiswap and engage in it, thus becoming part of the decentralized evolution.

A whirlpool of creativity and breakthroughs…

As we were reimagining our new palette, we started noticing that the Emiswap pyramid, if you examine it closely, is no pyramid at all. It is more of a vision or a concept of one, but one which represents the phrase “I am because you are.” We are powerful alone, but even more so together. It’s from another realm, fifth dimensional, otherworldly and certainly one you could lose yourself into.

First, as you can see, the ends do not meet and the center is white. As the back of the dollar always held a rigid, centralized pyramid of power, unforgiving and all-seeing. The design of Emiswap’s pyramid symbolizes instead the decentralization of finance, the distribution of power, the interconnectivity between all things through the universe, and on a smaller scale — neurons firing in the collective mind of humanity.

The human brain has tripled in size over almost seven million years, with the majority of this expansion happening in the last two million years. Our logo stands for evolution, growth, harmony — the main essence of life.

Early Prototypes

The path to the current version took months of development and brainstorming done by the design and product management department with the supervision of brilliant marketing and creative executives. We went over some concepts before the current one and here are the ones leading up to the foxy and lush new look we now rock:

Get ready and join us as our DEX launches into DeFi hyperspace!

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