ESW Seed Round Ended: What’s Next?

Hey there YOU!

We are proud to announce that the ESW seed round is complete!

At the price of $ 0.11, we successfully raised $990,000 from the most trusted funds and investors. We were oversubscribed and genuinely enthused about this investment stage.

This is an amazing achievement for the EmiSwap community, congratulations!

This is what we have planned next in terms of sales:

  1. We are now going to start with an exclusive private investment round at which stage the price of one ESW will be $0.23, and the stage will run for approximately one month.
  2. Following that, ESW tokens will be available for purchase on launchpads at which stage the price of one ESW token will be $0.37.
  3. Later on, we will be commencing the listing of ESW on other exchanges. That’s when the real fun begins :)

Please note that as of 4/23/2021 the price of the ESW token on our DEX is 0.23$.

Even though purchased ESW are frozen for a year and defrosted by 25% every quarter, the frozen ESW will continue to work for you.

As an ESW holder,

  1. You are allocated a 0.05% share of the daily trading fees;
  2. You are allowed to vote on the future developments and innovations of our incredible DeFi platform because ESWs are also governance tokens.

The price of 1 ESW token jumped from $0.11 to $0.23. ESW holders made a 110% profit without raising a finger, don’t you want to get a taste of that action! Take a look at our recent roadmap to get a glimpse of where we are heading. If you are wondering how to get ESW tokens, read this.

Remember, EmiSwap launched on March 31, this year. There’s a long epic journey ahead of us and we are looking forward to it! :)

With our community, we stand strong. Thank you, EmiSwappers!

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