How to get ESW… if you missed the token sale?

Option 1: Provide liquidity

  1. You supply liquidity for ETH/DAI worth $5,000.
  2. You pay Ethereum gas fees worth $100 and get 909 ESW as compensation.
  3. From each operation on EmiSwap, 0.25% is distributed among liquidity providers. But during the early bird period, the rewards are x10.
  4. If the daily trading volume on EmiSwap is $1,000,000 then $2,500 is distributed among LPs usually depending on the amount of liquidity they provided, and $25,000 worth ESW is distributed during the x10 reward period — from day 10 to day 100.
  5. Alright. Let’s say the total liquidity locked on EmiSwap is $5,000,000 — how much will you earn in this case on a daily basis? You provide $5,000 which is 0,1% of total liquidity. That means you will earn $25 daily worth 227 ESW.
  6. The more ESW gets staked on your balance — the more extra profit you get from the ESW Vault pool that distributes 0.05% from each operation among ESW token holders. If the daily trading volume is as low as $1,000,000, it’s only $500, but the volumes will grow day by day and you have to do nothing to receive extra profit.

Option 2: Make swaps



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The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees