How to get ESW… if you missed the token sale?

First of all, it’s possible.

As you know, the EmiSwap token sale for early adopters finished on April 2. Now we enter the private sale stage for investors who want to purchase ESW worth $25,000 and more. What to do if you missed the token sale but still want to jump in with smaller investments?

Option 1: Provide liquidity

  1. You supply liquidity for ETH/DAI worth $5,000.
  2. You pay Ethereum gas fees worth $100 and get 909 ESW as compensation.
  3. From each operation on EmiSwap, 0.25% is distributed among liquidity providers. But during the early bird period, the rewards are x10.
  4. If the daily trading volume on EmiSwap is $1,000,000 then $2,500 is distributed among LPs usually depending on the amount of liquidity they provided, and $25,000 worth ESW is distributed during the x10 reward period — from day 10 to day 100.
  5. Alright. Let’s say the total liquidity locked on EmiSwap is $5,000,000 — how much will you earn in this case on a daily basis? You provide $5,000 which is 0,1% of total liquidity. That means you will earn $25 daily worth 227 ESW.
  6. The more ESW gets staked on your balance — the more extra profit you get from the ESW Vault pool that distributes 0.05% from each operation among ESW token holders. If the daily trading volume is as low as $1,000,000, it’s only $500, but the volumes will grow day by day and you have to do nothing to receive extra profit.

Liquidity provision is a zero-risk strategy that allows for earning stable profits on a daily basis and immediately reinvest the income in ESW staking. In its early days, EmiSwap will provide the most favourable terms on the market and it’s very likely that users will start migrating their liquidity to EmiSwap from other protocols.

Here’s your guide to liquidity mining on EmiSwap!

Option 2: Make swaps

We do understand how important it is to engage the audience into swapping and providing liquidity from the very first days, so we do our best to attract people to EmiSwap. But remember the earlier you jump in, the more you earn from holding ESW!

Here’s your guide to swapping on EmiSwap!

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