Magic Cards Thanksgiving Rebalance

Thanksgiving is a holiday when the whole big family gathers at one table and all family members share food and give each other smiles, gifts and ask for forgiveness.

We also want to ask your forgiveness and give you gifts.

When we designed our project and modeled Magic Cards, we used complex mathematics and tried to implement it so that tokenomics was not violated.
But as with any complex system, a mistake has crept into our math.
We found out in time that the amount of ESW tokens purchased for getting
Rare, Epic and Legendary cards was extremely high.

And we want to apologize for this mistake and give you a wonderful gift: we reduced the size of the ESW purchase to get these cards, and now it is only:

But that’s not all! For two weeks from 26 Nov to 12 Dec, an extra offer will be available for getting Magic Cards, and the total purchase amount for getting Rare, Epic, and Legendary Magic Card will be reduced by another 20%.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving day and peace to your family.

Stay healthy and happy during this difficult time of COVID, and we will make your money work even when you are sleeping.

PS The changes are still not displayed on the frontend when purchasing, but we will fix this very soon. so don’t worry — the system already counts it.

Purchase ESW and get MAGIC CARDS here:

Check the EmiSwap Magic Community here:

Cutting-edge automated market maker exchange with ESW voting token. It is an open source decentralized platform, fork of Uniswap V2.

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