Migrate Your Liquidity to EmiSwap:
A How-To Guide

What is Liquidity Migration?

Liquidity Migration in EmiSwap

How to Migrate Liquidity to EmiSwap?

  1. Press the “Migrate liquidity” button.
  2. Choose the DEX’s token pair from the list of possible tokens (UNIUSDT, SUSHIETH, etc.).
  3. Enter the number of tokens for migration.
  4. Press the “Approve” button if you migrate tokens for the first time.
  5. Press the “Migrate” button.
  1. Withdrawing the indicated number of LP tokens from the user’s wallet.
  2. Burning LP tokens on the initial sourced protocol and getting original tokens.
  3. Allocating the tokens to the respective pool and receiving the EmiSwap token pairs (ESWUSDT for example). In case a token pair doesn’t exist on EmiSwap yet, the user will receive a notification before they click the “Migrate” button, and the migration smart contract will initiate the creation of a new token pair.
  4. Sending the EmiSwap pair tokens to the user. In case there was a difference in the exchange rate, the user will receive EmiSwap pair tokens as well as token change.

What Pair Tokens Can Be Migrated?

  • ETH — USDT
  • WBTC — ETH
  • DAI — ETH
  • USDC — ETH
  • ESD — USDC
  • UNI — ETH
  • CORE — ETH
  • DPI — ETH
  • ETH — AMPL
  • LINK — ETH



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