Providing Liquidity: How to Add a New Token on EmiSwap?

Hello EmiSwappers! This is the day to provide liquidity!

Liquidity pools are a vital feature behind the DeFi ecosystem today.

What are Liquidity Providers on EmiSwap?

A liquidity pool is a set of funds that are bound up in a smart contract. Liquidity pools are used to promote decentralized investing, lending, and a range of other features that we discussed here.

A liquidity provider is a participant who deposits crypto assets into a liquidity pool to support trading on the exchange and receive passive earnings from their investment.

EmiSwap focuses on offering our clients the best swapping and liquidity terms possible as well as +900% rewards and 100% compensation of Ethereum gas fees. So keep reading, start your new journey, and share your thoughts with us on social media!

Providing Liquidity: How to Add a New Token on EmiSwap?

  1. To begin, navigate to the main page of

2. Then choose the pair of tokens that you want to provide liquidity in.

3. If you don’t see the token you want to provide liquidity for on this page, you can add it yourself.

4. Paste the token address from Etherscan into the blank area. Consider the EMRX token as an example.

5. Congratulations, a new token has been added.

Rewards for Early Liquidity Providers

By providing liquidity to the EmiSwap pools, you will earn a share of the trading fees, as well as special rewards in ESW tokens. EmiSwap charges a rate of 0.3% for each exchange. The payments are divided among the liquidity suppliers in proportion to their share of the pot. If you contribute 10% of all liquidity in the draw, you will get 10% of all the prizes. The actual amount would be determined by the extent of trading activity, but productive pools could yield 50% or more every year.

Add liquidity or start swapping here and earn 10X trading fee rewards, 100% Ethereum gas fee refund, a chance to win our precious NFTs, and an opportunity to earn passive income while you build your future.

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