The EmiSwap Roadmap: Our Way to a Perfect Product

Greetings from the EmiSwap team!

Some of you may have already seen the EmiSwap development progress on our official website. If not — no worries, we’ll tell you all the details right away. Ready to have a closer look at our roadmap? Then we start.

The EmiSwap roadmap is ambitious but achievable and includes a step-by-step release of new features. We have already passed a security audit by Hacken, launched a beta of the protocol (check this article to learn more about extra rewards for beta swappers and liquidity providers), and established a few very important strategic partnerships.

In the coming weeks, the EmiSwap AMM DEX will be launched officially, and just 10 days after the launch of the protocol we’ll start distributing rewards to early swappers and liquidity providers (6 million ESW). What else? Let’s have a closer look at our roadmap for the coming few months.

ESW token and EmiDAO

  • ESW listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • Launch of the voting mechanism for ESW token holders.
  • ESW listing on aggregators (DeFi Pulse and others).
  • The distribution of early bird bonuses for swappers and liquidity providers.

NFT Magic Cards by EmiSwap

  • Farming smart contracts release.
  • The release of the second and the third collection of Magic Cards.
  • Card Wars functionality.
  • Marketplace for exchanging NFT Magic Cards.
  • Collaboration with other companies in the field of NFT.
  • Magic Hall updates.
  • Charity cards “Cameroon Astra Club” release.

This way, the workload of the development team in the coming months is tough, and we do our best to develop a masterpiece product that will meet the demands of our users globally. Furthermore, we continue working to establish new strategic partnerships, increase brand awareness and promote EmiSwap in different regions of the world.

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