The New Emiswap 2022 Roadmap

2 min readFeb 3, 2022

Cross-chain Swaps, NFT Games, and 8 Blockchains

Greetings from the EmiSwap team!

Take a look at the updated 2022 product roadmap to see what’s in store for your favorite DEX. Since EmiSwap’s ecosystem is founded on community input, we make gradual improvements that combine what’s needed and anticipated. Various blockchain, bridge, and NFT components are being integrated to create a cross-chain ecosystem that is unmatched.

Q1: 2022: Near/Aurora, Avalanche, Gate Chain, Astar, and Shiden integration. We’re also releasing a cross-chain bridge aggregator in two stages.

Q2 2022: Integrating Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Heco, and redesigning the emiswap platform to add many new features ready for testing.

Q3, 2022: OKex, Tron integration, and the release of the first stage of the Emiswap Magic Hall with NFT Magic Cards.

Q4, 2022: Releasing Stage 2 of the Magic Hall and a whole new set of mechanics and benefits for liquidity providers. More plans for the fourth quarter will be added later.

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