The New Tokenomics: More Rewards, More ESW

Hello EmiSwappers!

We have a very important update regarding ESW tokenomics. It is super exciting news so hold on tight!

Following very careful input and advice from our brilliant alliance members and advisors, we decided on a complete overhaul of the current calculations.

The revisioned tokenomics will be rolled out on May 18th. That means there will be a recalculation of ESW prices through all stages and operations. We mean everything!

From pre-seed, seed, private investment stages to launchpad and listing price, as well as gas refunds that will also change per the updated numbers.

Do not worry though! This only means you will be getting more ESW, more Bonuses, and a better all-around experience; now, and in the future, when all ESW holders are sipping mimosas on Mars ;)


With the help of advisors, experts, and launchpads, we determined that reevaluating the project and bringing more value to investors is preferable to aiming and missing. To do this, we reduced the number of funds raised from 10 to 4 million and the fully diluted market cap to 37 million. We also improved the conditions for private investors and the growing community of the DEX.

Now, what are the New Tokenomics and how will they be distributed?

Starting May 18th, the new tokenomics will be allocated as follows:

Vesting periods:

Token Allocations:

It’s probably time to dance and celebrate! Raise the roof! Spread the message and the numbers. When you invite people to join, you’ll be setting yourself up for hefty ESW rewards and magical yields. You’ve heard about moonshots, ESW’s heading to Mars! Join us and let’s get started!

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