Your Guide to the EmiSwap Referral Program

Networking is powerful, especially when it comes to decentralized networks like EmiSwap. Practically owned by the community, EmiSwap invites you — the future owners of the platform — to decide with whom you will shape the future hand in hand. Rewarding and fair, the EmiSwap referral program is designed so that everyone will get a profit. Ready to convert your network to rewards? Let’s start!

What Is the Emiswap Referral Program and What Benefits Does it Offer?

The EmiSwap referral program allows you to share your referral link to other people and get cashback from your referral’s ESW token purchases during the ESW token sale. The program includes 3 referral levels:

To have a better understanding of how it works, let’s have a closer look at an example. Alice shares her EmiSwap referral link to Bob and he purchases 1000 ESW. Alice will get 50 ESW as a reward. Bob decides that he wants to share his link to Tom, and Tom buys another 1000 ESW. This way, Bob receives 50 ESW and Alice receives 30 ESW. If Tom invites Ann, and she purchases the same amount of ESW tokens, Tom will get 50 ESW; Bob will get 30 ESW, and Alice will get 10 ESW. As simple as that.

With ESW being a governance token, both Alice, Bob, Tom, and Ann become the actual owners of the platform and get a 0,05% share from all trading operations on EmiSwap. Furthermore, as they participate in the token sale and buy more than 500 ESW, each of them receives NFT Magic Cards that provide them with special powers. They can simply sell these cards on the EmiSwap internal marketplace or unpack them to get an exclusive bonus: some extra ESW tokens, x2 and even x3 multiplier for an exchange, or even some extremely rare cards with their own value. It’s always a win-win.

How Do I Find My EmiSwap Referral Code?

To get your referral code, sign in to EmiSwap using your Metamask wallet and click on the “Recieve a friend” button at the top of the page. You’ll have your referral link copied to your clipboard. Share it with your friends and get rewards.

Is the Referral Bonus the Same for Everyone?

Yes, the referral bonus system is the same for everyone. Though, if you invite people who are likely to share their referral links to their friends, you will get more rewards, and everyone will benefit from that.

Is the Referral Program Available Worldwide?

Absolutely. As a decentralized community, we warmly welcome the participants from different countries who speak different languages. Furthermore, you are welcome to apply for the EmiSwap ambassadorship and form a community in your region. You’ll have your referral link published in all the materials that you share with your community and we’ll assist with communication and setting up socials. To become an ambassador, fill out this form and we’ll contact you.

How Can I See My Bonuses and Claim them?

Your balance, as well as bonuses, are available in the account information section when you click on your Metamask address at the top of the site. It shows how much ESW you have and how did you receive them, e.g. token sale, referral program, farming. To claim your rewards, press the “Collect to my wallet” button at the bottom of the information popup.

Now, when you are armed up with all the necessary information, it’s time to engage more people in the EmiSwap community and start earning extra rewards. Choose your role — ambassador or referrer — and let’s rock!

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