Hey EmiSwappers, here’s what happened!

The EmiSwap AMM DEX, as of June 2, 2021, at 7 AM EST, completed the private venture round! With amazing support from a diverse group of stakeholders;

We garnered $1,725,000 (One Million Seven Hundred And Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars) and we were humbled to have had a 6X overbooked whitelist.

The potential of the EmiDAO ecosystem, the usability, functionality, and finesse of the DEX, our 10X LP rewards, future vision, gas fee refunds, NFT Magic Cards liquidity campaign, compatibility, and the relevance of $ESW as a utility governance token that earns holders 0.05% …

We have many exciting things to share with you, EmiCommunity!

EmiSwap’s decentralized exchange is already live, and now is the time to enter if you want to reap the most benefits. For the first few weeks, we’re promising what no other token swapping website has: a +900% increase in bonuses and a 100% refund on Ethereum gas fees.

DEXs charged $0.10 for one Ethereum transaction just a year ago. Isn’t that impossible to believe? It’s now $18 as of early April and we understand the pain. …

Greeting DeFi people!

We are delighted to announce our August action plan that will boost the EmiSwap DEX in terms of liquidity, ecosystem, and growth. Unlike many DEXs on the market, EmiSwap encompasses a whole ecosystem of meaningful interaction, rewards on multiple levels, and an exciting endeavor into what could be a game-changer for DeFi users and $ESW holders EVERYWHERE!

7 sweet DEX upgrades are coming your way in the 8th month of this year! Let’s keep it exciting, as more details on each announcement will be released as implementation takes place. 😉

EmiSwap August Upgrades

  1. $ESW listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko; ($ESW…

Hey EmiSwapper,

The EmiSwap AMM DEX is excited to be partnering with Kuende, a platform that empowers and motivates its users to get out of the online world into the real world. Kuende is a Modern Content & Entertainment Company (MCEC) that is disrupting, challenging, and transforming the social media status-quo.

Through the products they have already built and those aimed to be further developed, Kuende acts like a launchpad for micro-influencers and creative minds, nurturing them from zero-to-hero, and guiding them to grow and monetize their content.

Partnership Model

  1. EmiSwap will generate excellent material from various interests/sub-interests for the Discovery Feed

Dear EmiSwap Users,

Blue Swarm, a Blockchain security firm, has completed a Smart Contract Code Review and Security Analysis of the EmiSwap AMM DEX, which was its second-ever security audit. Read the full analysis done using Blue Swarm’s proprietary software!

The implementation strategy of Blue Swarm combines established processes, highly skilled staff, and a super-responsive approach to deliverables management and the use of proprietary technologies.

The code audit was carried out utilizing the SWC (Smart Contract Weakness Classification) and CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration) specifications. …

Hey EmiSwappers!

We’re delighted to announce that as of today — July 20, EmiSwap unlocked many ESW holder rewards for different activities. You got us here! It’s time we give back :)

Please note that the rewards to be paid are for:

  1. Liquidity pairs with ESW on EmiSwap and other DEXs;
  2. LP tokens allocated to farming;
  3. Staking;
  4. NFT farming.

Did you know that post TGE, EmiSwap’s liquidity skyrocketed to over a million dollars! We are giving out insanely high APR for staking, farming (As high as it gets, several thousand percent in the early days). The DEX is as smooth…

Today, EmiSwap distributed Airdrops.io rewards to the first round of social contest participants. Time to collect the prize!

Guidelines for collecting the rewards:

  1. Users must collect their ESW reward by Wednesday, 18:00 UTC, and ought not to sell ESW before Friday, 12:00 UTC (July, 23).
  2. Users can use these tokens to stake and farm on EmiSwap — this is optional and rewarding, but not required.
  3. If the participants fulfill the guidelines (collect before Wednesday and hold the tokens until Friday), EmiSwap will award them:
  4. An added bonus equal to their airdrop for loyalty.
  5. 100% of the Ethereum gas they spent to collect the first share…

Hey Emiswapper,

Have you ever wondered how much a liquidity provider actually makes using the EmiSwap AMM DEX? Well, we prepared a story about a few LPs from our community that agreed to share their dashboards as support for EmiSwap.

First off, when you do provide liquidity on EmiSwap, you get refunded 100% of the ETH you spent in ESW! That’s your first reward. We actually compensate all gas fees on all swapping and pooling operations! Now that you own ESW, you will be eligible for 0.05% of the daily DEX trading volume, relative to how much ESW you own.

Hey there EmiFarmer!

How is APR calculated? Why is it so high on EmiSwap? Should I invest more? Well, here are some answers!

Yield farming is based on the staking principle, in which money is kept in a crypto wallet to support blockchain transactions. The annual percentage rate (APR) is the cost of earning or borrowing money.

DeFi projects use APR to showcase their products since it allows users to earn while contributing to the success of the venture.

The annual percentage rate (APR) does not account for interest compounding over the course of a year. It’s computed by multiplying…

Hey EmiSwappers!

Staking and yield farming are two completely distinct worlds with opposing goals and objectives. While yield farming focuses on obtaining the largest potential yield, staking focuses on assisting a blockchain network in being safe while also collecting incentives.

Once you’ve earned your ELP tokens as a Liquidity Provider in the EmiSwap Pools, you’re ready to stake them in the EmiSwap Farm for extra ESW Rewards per block. Here’s a little helping guide.

How to Farm $ESW

Step 1: Unlock your wallet by going to emiswap.com/#/farms.

Step 2: Choose the pool in which you want to invest:


The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees

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