Hey EmiSwappers, here’s what happened!

The EmiSwap AMM DEX, as of June 2, 2021, at 7 AM EST, completed the private venture round! With amazing support from a diverse group of stakeholders;

We garnered $1,380,000 (One Million Three Hundred And Eighty Thousand Dollars) and we were humbled to have had a 6X overbooked whitelist.

The potential of the EmiDAO ecosystem, the usability, functionality, and finesse of the DEX, our 10X LP rewards, future vision, gas fee refunds, NFT Magic Cards liquidity campaign, compatibility, and the relevance of $ESW as a utility governance token that earns holders 0.05% …

We have many exciting things to share with you, EmiCommunity!

EmiSwap’s decentralized exchange is already live, and now is the time to enter if you want to reap the most benefits. For the first few weeks, we’re promising what no other token swapping website has: a +900% increase in bonuses and a 100% refund on Ethereum gas fees.

DEXs charged $0.10 for one Ethereum transaction just a year ago. Isn’t that impossible to believe? It’s now $18 as of early April and we understand the pain. …

Dear Airdrop Aficionados & De-Fi Devotees,

On June 8th, yes, a few days ago, the Emiswap AMM DEX announced the commencement of an airdrop campaign on Airdrops.io. We developed this competition to honor EmiSwap’s community by providing over 1,000,000 ESW tokens valued at over 100,000 USD.

The first airdrop launch began by distributing over 350,000 ESW tokens, and in less than an hour, over 10,000 people were requesting to join the airdrop, absolutely crushing the standards and our expectations!

We look forward to welcoming so many new members into our community! The EmiSwap AMM Chat now hosts over 21,400 happy…

Hey EmiSwappers,

The following will be your guide for all things Magic Cards. The information is pretty simple, interesting, and rewarding to know. Whether you’re recommending EmiSwap to a colleague or for your investments, you can never go wrong with an extremely rare NFT from the most promising DEX on the market.

NFT Magic Cards are a cutting-edge gamified mechanic that offers much more than usual NFT units. Unlike regular cryptocurrency tokens, they are not interchangeable, each of them contains unique information about the object they encode.

EmiSwap Magic Cards are playable, tradable and yieldーboosting NFT collectible digital cards that…

Hey EmiSquad,

We are delighted to announce a beneficial and exciting new cooperation between EmiSwap and Katalyo DeFi. The fantastic project successfully added liquidity in wETH/KTLYO pair in the equivalent of 15 ETH and 164,300 KTLYO on May-14–2021.

If you’re looking for a move into DeFi but don’t know how to code, Katalyo, an official member of the Telos ecosystem and INBlockchain incubator program, is the way to go.

What is Katalyo?

Katalyo DeFi offers a smarter, faster and cheaper way to automate operations and build DeFi without writing a single line of code. …

Hey there!

Are you a stellar Business Project Manager that can plan, coordinate, and accomplish all various stages of a company roadmap from beginning to end? Do you have a lot of expertise in organizing and overseeing resources and budgets? Are you a fellow hodler and believer in blockchain as well?

If you are, you will be happy to know that we are actively looking for a highly qualified and accomplished Business Project Manager to join our group and enable the growth and betterment of our DeFi campaigns, as well as the attainment of our aspiration to become one of…

Hello, Swappers! Notice something different?

The Vote

EmiSwap is looking better and slicker than ever and performing beautifully. According to a yes or yes vote we had on our telegram, we knew people would like it, but we wanted to see who would absolutely love it! Our telegram community voted and here’s what they think:

Hey EmiSwappers!

Recently, a competition was held where we rewarded users with 15,000 $ESW, and the requirements for entry were to help our DEX pop on social media, like Twitter, Medium and more. We were so happy to see 10,400+ entries and for those of you that didn’t make it, better luck next time, and you know it! There WILL be a next time because this is EmiSwap.

Now, the EmiSwap AMM DEX is delighted to declare the winners of our 15,000 ESW social campaign.

Hello, DeFi Lovers!

EmiSwap is delighted to announce that we will be a diamond sponsor of the Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit 2021.

Date: June 28ーJuly 1, Morocco.

The Africa Blockchain Week Virtual Summit, Africa’s most immersive, disruptive, and inclusive virtual affair, will discuss the emerging financial technology environment and the influence of blockchain technology. The conference will assemble elite regulators, opinion leaders, and decision-makers to debate the emerging marketplace developments and potential technologies. The conference will include over 5000+ Participants, 100+ Speakers, 100+ Investors, 50+ Countries, and 50+ Journalists.

Why is Africa BCW Essential?

Africa is building a solid ecosystem to support bitcoin transfers…

Dear EmiCommunity,

What a DAO like EmiSwap commits to is laid out in the vision, mission, & values of EmiSwap. In every decision, we have to consider our values and examine where we stand and rarely do we make any decision without long contemplation or the consideration of our community ーthat actually owns the ecosystem.

Who are we?

EmiSwap is an AMM DEX supplemented by an ESW governance token, NFT gamified mechanics, Ethereum gas fee compensation, and 100% exchange fee distribution among ESW holders.

What’s our vision?

To be the worlds’ example of the engaging and sophisticated DAO, which enhances decentralized decision power. We are to…


The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees

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