Comprehensive Guide to EmiSwap Magic Cards: Designed to Boost your DeFi Profits

Comprehensive Guide to EmiSwap Magic Cards: Designed to Boost your DeFi Profits

Greetings, EmiSwap community!

Fungible vs. non-fungible tokens

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other regular cryptocurrencies are called fungible, meaning that all Bitcoins are completely interchangeable and have the same value. By contrast, a non-fungible token, or NFT, is a blockchain asset that is unique and not interchangeable with other tokens.

Introducing Magic Cards

EmiSwap is a decentralized token swap protocol, roughly similar to Uniswap. EmiSwap’s big innovation is the addition of Magic Cards — NFTs that combine the financial benefits of DeFi with the excitement of trending card games like Magic: The Gathering. With Magic Cards, EmiSwap acquires a crucial quality that Uniswap has never had: gamification.

  1. Every collection contains cards of all 5 tiers, but the more common account for the vast majority;
  2. Five cards of the same rank can be swapped for one card of a senior rank — for example, 5 Uncommon for 1 Rare;
  3. Users can participate in Card Wars: tournaments where a player with a stronger deck can win valuable prizes;
  4. Magic Cards can be traded in a dedicated internal marketplace that will be released soon.

Bonuses and benefits

Every card provides a practical advantage or bonus of some sort:

  • x2 and x3: add 2 or 3 hole (unopened) cards to your deck to swap for a higher-tier card. This bonus makes it much easier to obtain elite cards.
  • Collectibles: give access to exclusive events and prize draws.
  • Special collectibles: let users earn more liquidity rewards, farm new NFTs faster, and so on.
  • Battle cards: powerful NFTs necessary to win tournaments.
  • Mythic: extraordinarily rare cards that combine all bonus types.

Card farming

From the point of view of a DeFi user, the most attractive feature of Magic Cards is yield farming or liquidity mining. Those users who participate in liquidity pools on EmiSwap can lock their liquidity provider tokens in a smart contract to receive new Magic Cards for free.

Card Wars are coming!

Farming bonuses and free tokens is great, but some users will definitely feel passionate about our tournaments. In Card Wars, each of the two players picks 5 cards out of their deck and decides which of them to open first. The system then flips the first pair of cards simultaneously, and the owner of the stronger card wins the round. After all the ten cards are flipped, the overall winner is determined.

Where to get Magic Cards?

The best way to start building a collection of Magic Cards is to take part in the ESW token sale. The first 1,000 users who buy at least 500 ESW are guaranteed to get a Magic Card for free. What’s more, the cards to be distributed during the token sale are exclusive: this collection will never be re-issued.

  • Uncommon — 2,500 ESW
  • Rare — 7,500 ESW
  • Epic — 20,000 ESW
  • Legendary — 50,000 ESW

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