Decide on the Future Direction of EmiSwap — The First Community Voting

2 min readApr 14, 2021

Dear community,

Yes! We are here to tell you that you can start voting on EmiSwap governance. You’re the actual owners of the EmiSwap exchange, so now you can make decisions on its improvements. In order to participate, follow this Telegram Poll!

We want to launch the governance process with a telegram poll because this will be the first decentralized group polling in EmiSwap. You will not only be able to vote there, but you will also find helpful tips and ideas, informative statistics, and the opportunity to interact with the wonderful EmiSwap community. To cast your vote, click here!

We have two proposals ready for you!

  1. ESW tokens that users receive as a gas fee compensation should be vested for a certain period. How long should these tokens be vested?
  2. How long should the tokens that users earn as a bonus for early swappers and liquidity providers be vested?

ESW is a tradable asset but unlike most standard ERC20 tokens, it also functions as a special voting mechanism on the EmiDAO ecosystem. The quorum will be determined by the volume of tokens in favor of, or against, the given proposals. After the proposal is reviewed and found to be in good faith, the improvements will be added to the protocol.

You are ready to vote on EmiSwap developments, start now!.

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