EmiSwap: 5 Killing Features to Change the DeFi Game

3 min readJan 5, 2021

It was no coincidence that you came across this article. Today we reveal the magic features of the EmiSwap DEX that you will fall in love with. Ready to feel the EmiSwap revolutionary mood? Then we start.

Decentralized and charged for profit

Spiced with NFT playable and profit-boosting collectible cards, EmiSwap is a community-driven, purely decentralized, and charged for profit exchange. It has taken all the best from Uniswap and Mooniswap and added new breakthrough mechanics that help users boost their profits from staking and yield farming.

Rule the future with ESW

First of all, you — the future owner of EmiSwap’s native ESW tokens — is the boss here. You own EmiSwap, vote on the platform’s future in making it the most profitable DEX ever, and get a 0,05% share from all operations on the exchange. Do you plan to provide liquidity? Great, enjoy your 0,25% reward.

At the time of writing, you still can participate in the EmiSwap token sale and get your first ESW tokens at a price of only 0,11 DAI for 1 ESW. You join, you rule, you earn.

Choose your strategy

Secondly, as a token sale participant or a farmer, you can choose your own strategy for getting the most of NFT Magic Cards by EmiSwap. Being a digital collectible, these cards can be obtained from farming, buying ESW during the token sale, or purchasing cards on the internal marketplace. What powers do these cards provide? Oh, they are numerous and many.

Each and every Magic Card contains a special bonus that increases your profit on EmiSwap including some bonus ESW tokens, an x2 or even x3 card multiplier, farm-speeding bonuses, and even extra rare collectible cards. And… these cards are also playable! Compete against other users in Card Wars and closed draws, build the most powerful deck and pick up the win.

Jump in early to get more

EmiSwap praises every single user who joined us from the very launch of the protocol. To gain sky-high liquidity in the first days and to attract more users, we provide extremely high early-bird rewards for swappers and liquidity providers. Jump in early and increase your profit by up to 10 times!

We plan to distribute 6 million ESW tokens among the early adopters of the platform. To learn more, visit our website. Everything you search for is already there.

What else?

If you’re amazed by our generosity you should know that the described features are not everything that we have to offer. Let us tell you a secret: the first 1,000 token sale participants who purchase at least 500 ESW get limited-collection Magic Cards as a bonus. Isn’t that a great start for your great time on EmiSwap?

Join our community to please our SMM manager and find more details about EmiSwap:

Website: https://crowdsale.emidao.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmiSwap

Medium: https://emiswap.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/emiswap_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/RYDYZsH

Github: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/




The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees