EmiSwap Explained: How to Purchase ESW tokens

Hey! If you are reading this guide, you want to make an ESW purchase and clarify all the steps. Well, let’s start.

1.Once you have decided to make a purchase, make sure you have registered with the White List. OTHERWISE, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE NFT CARDS. The first 1000 buyers will receive the cards. The card can be obtained when purchasing at least 500 ESW.



RARE — 7 500 ESW

EPIC — 20 000 ESW


2. How to register for the White List. Click on the button as shown on the screenshots. Enter your details, that’s all.

3. Connect your wallet. Don’t worry, it’s safe. Hacken has audited EmiSwap

4. Make an ESW purchase. Please note that to receive a card, you must purchase one payment. OTHERWISE, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE CARD.

5. Please note that purchased ESWs are frozen for a year. Defrosting occurs every three months at 25%. But even the frozen ESWs continue to work for you, so don’t worry about that.

6. Where to check the next token defrost date. Click on your wallet, scroll down and see the date.

7. Where to check your cards. Click on this button, and you’re done.

8. Where to get a referral code. Click here and send the copied link to a friend.

9. As soon as your friend makes a purchase, it will be reflected in this field.

And a small request from the team

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