EmiSwap explained: Magic Cards

2 min readMar 18, 2021

Hi there, EmiSwappers!

We decided that you may have been lacking consolidated information about our Magic Cards and their usage. So, today you will get just the right amount of information about NFT Magic Cards!

Let’s start with NFT…

A non-fungible token is the type of currency that differs from ordinary tokens on its basis. NFTs are unique crypto objects and one cannot be replaced by another similar token. These tokens usually represent assets in the virtual or real world, like art pieces, cars, and other valuable assets. Almost everything can be encoded into NFTs, but in most cases, those tokens don’t have practical utility.

EmiSwap’s innovation

EmiSwap has found another opportunity to use NFT technology in the cryptocurrency market, and at the same time diversify and gamify the exchange process. So, we introduce EmiSwap NFT Magic Cards — unique cards that boost your profits and add a fun experience.

Integrated with EmiSwap AMM DEX, a unique platform in the DeFi environment, Magic Cards provide you with the opportunity to earn instant yield-boosting bonuses through farming and participating in the platform’s activities.

About the fun side

Our Magic Cards are practically very similar to a board game, where all the cards are alike, but not the same. Cards look and feel similar to fantasy trading cards like Magic: the Gathering. And, by the rules of the game, players need to collect as many cards as they can to get the maximum profit.

Magic Cards come in five tiers of rarity (from Ordinary to Legendary). When you gain a new Magic Card, it is displayed face down, so you won’t see what’s on it. Every month we issue a new collection of NFT Magic Cards and leave some hints on the bonuses that the collection contains.

Hole cards can be swapped for more rare ones, but note that only hole uncommon cards are welcome to participate in the process, Don’t flip your cards beforehand!

How to get those?

There are several ways for you to obtain new NFT Magic Cards. You can participate in the token sale or in the liquidity mining process and get them for free as a bonus for an early adopter. Also, in the nearest future, we are planning to launch a special part of the platform — a dedicated marketplace, where users can trade Magic Cards.

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