EmiSwap Gives Away 50,000 ESW to Soft Launch Swappers & LPs

2 min readJan 25, 2021

Greetings from the EmiSwap team!

We’d like to share the great news with you today. EmiSwap beta is now live and will run for about two weeks. To reward the early adopters who join us at this stage, we plan to distribute 50,000 ESW equivalent to 5,500 USDT proportionally among the soft launch participants. Help us get ready for the official launch and seize your reward!

Being an automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchange EmiSwap utilizes a protocol in which the assets are priced according to a pricing algorithm instead of using an order book like any traditional exchange. On AMM exchanges you don’t need to have a counterparty (another trader) on the other side to make a trade. Instead, you interact with a smart contract that “makes” the market for you.

Such smart contracts are funded by liquidity provided by the users. For doing this, liquidity providers earn rewards from the exchange fees, 0.25% from each transaction on EmiSwap. This builds a peer-to-peer exchange between a trader and another user who funds the smart contract.

During the soft launch, both those who swap and those who provide liquidity will receive rewards proportional to their trading volume. These rewards will be paid in ESW — EmiSwap native governance token that provides its holders with voting rights as well as a 0.05% share from all transactions on EmiSwap.

The rewards will be distributed among the soft launch participants during the first week after the official launch. Seize your chance to get ESW early and earn profit from all EmiSwap transactions.

Join our community to find out more:

Website: https://emiswap.com/#/invest

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmiSwap

Medium: https://emiswap.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/emiswap_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/RYDYZsH

Github: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/




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