EmiSwap Talent Acquisition: Community Leaders

2 min readApr 20, 2021


Aloha EmiSwappers!

You should get a say in who we hire! Of course, since you are the actual owners of EmiSwap. So send us the best candidates. We need your assistance in finding new talent to help with the management and development of EmiSwap as an upcoming DeFi competitor.

The EmiSwap DEX is a star platform on the verge of breaking into new markets and we are looking for accomplished and dedicated upper echelon COMMUNITY LEADERS all over the world who understand and aspire to develop their local communities while earning ongoing incentives and rewards for attracting new users. As community leaders, you will create your local communities and enhance their growth and development. The larger and more active the community is, the more you will earn by sharing your referral link.

Strong community leaders work together and with everyone in the community, to mobilize and guide others, to facilitate solutions and think about the long-term health of the community and its people. They must be embedded into social networks, shared visions and decision making that assists niche building by working closely with influencers and opinion leaders.

Your final goals and responsibilities:

  • Build and engage local communities.
  • Acquire and review feedback from members of the community.
  • Engage local forums, meetings, and cooperate with influencers.
  • Translate documents into your native language.

Criteria and superpowers:

  • Languages: Spoken and written English(C1)
  • Capacity to handle objections and negative feedback
  • Functional experience in cryptocurrency or fintech projects;
  • Interest in DeFi and eagerness to build and manage your super community.

EmiSwap perks:

  • You receive a unique and special avatar;
  • You get an ambassador link that earns you more ESW;
  • Extra ESW tokens for ideas and efforts.

EmiSwap is an AMM exchange that is driven by an ESW voting token and yield-increasing NFT Magic Cards dynamics. It is the world’s first truly autonomous DAO project in the EmiDAO Ecosystem, allowing the community to own the company, share revenue, and vote on future growth.

Where to apply:

Send your submissions, ideas, and plans to our splendid HR Representatives via telegram at @hrswap, and they will get you started right away. We are excited to meet you, stellar applicants!

Help spread the word and become a part of the EmiSwap family.

To learn more, please join our community:

Website: http://about.emiswap.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EmiSwap

Medium: https://emiswap.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/emiswap_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/RYDYZsH

Github: https://github.com/EMISWAP-COM/




The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees