EmiSwap Talent Acquisition: Product Manager Job Opportunity

What you will be doing:

  • Creating and approving the current roadmap for the development of the company’s products;
  • Throughout the roadmap, develop complete and consistent criteria for the functionality of the company’s products.
  • Bringing the product to market following existing market demands;
  • Product development planning and competitive analysis
  • Gather and discuss user/customer feedback, suggestions, and opinions;
  • Metrics collection, hypothesis creation and testing
  • Establish targets, performance benchmarks, and an action plan for the growth of the company’s products.
  • Develop and approve a plan for the company’s products in collaboration with the team.
  • Assign tasks, supervise the execution of product implementation plan, and build consensus.
  • Product Advertising (Marketing, strategy, implementation)
  • Participate in the company’s growth with other Emirex team members.

What makes you qualify?

  • At least three years of product management experience with an IT company;
  • Over a year’s experience in the blockchain/crypto industry;
  • Proven track record of completed projects and products;
  • Team leadership experience;
  • Creating a marketing campaign strategy;
  • Maintaining Start-up projects;
  • Awareness of how to apply design and usability principles to customers.
  • English language C1 or higher;

What do you get from working with a disruptive DeFi platform?

  1. Progressive monthly salary.
  2. Bonus ESW tokens for your ideas and efforts.
  3. The opportunity to build a career in crypto and become a visionary of the next crypto unicorn.
  4. Experience from collaborating with top-notch industry pros and much more.

About EmiSwap

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