EmiSwap Unpacks Christmas Gifts
for ESW Sale Participants

Warmest greetings from the EmiSwap team!

First of all, we’d love to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May luck and success accompany you in all your endeavors, and the New Year will bring prosperity and pleasant discoveries. The team is very proud that we celebrate Christmas with our amazing community. We appreciate your support and we want to present you with a particularly valuable gift.

Magic Cards: Christmas Collection

We have prepared a limited collection NFT Magic Cards timed for the winter holidays 2020–2021 that will be presented to every participant of the ESW token sale from December 24 to January 1. These cards will never be re-issued which means that for the same investment you will receive two limited-edition cards. Isn’t it the Christmas miracle you’ve been waiting for?

Magic Cards are tradable digital collectibles that contain special bonuses that boost your profits on EmiSwap. These bonuses include x2 and even x3 multiplier for a card exchange, extra ESW tokens, and even high rarity valuable cards. Magic Cards can only be obtained as a result of farming or participating in the token sale. But speed up: only the first 1,000 participants who buy at least 500 ESW (40 USDT) will receive their Magic Cards!

After the launch of the internal marketplace, you’ll be able to exchange your cards on the platform. Furthermore, special events like Card Wars and closed draws will be available for the card collectors. To learn more about NFT Magic Cards, read our comprehensive magic guide.

Apart from all the benefits offered by NFT cards, ESW holders will receive 0.05% of each trading transaction. Furthermore, they will be the actual owners of the EmiSwap because ESW is a governance token and no change in protocol will be possible.

We develop a magic platform that will be rewarding, transparent, and convenient for our users. And today we wish you a marvelous holiday!

Stay tuned!

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