Why Magic Cards by Emiswap is the Next Big Thing in Crypto

3 min readNov 20, 2020

Greetings everyone — it’s our pleasure to introduce you to Magic Cards, bonus NFT cards that a user receives for buying ESW tokens! Cards represent a revolutionary concept in the DeFi market, which is a synergy of AMM exchange and non-fungible tokens (NFT) enabling holders to farm, collect, sell, and earn!

At the moment, there are 6 announced card types that determine the number of bonuses that a user can receive by buying ESW tokens as a result of events and other activities on the EmiSwap website.

Yes, you got a good point there! Legendary cards are one of the most prestigious Cards collectible cards, the number of which is strictly limited. The rest of the types have an unlimited or very large number of collectible cards. The rarer the card, the fewer of them will be released in the collection and the more value they will have!

Each card contains a bonus, regardless of rarity and priority. They can be bought and sold on the platform’s internal market without restrictions and not lower than the baseline prices of a card, regardless of whether it matches collectible cards or has a nominal value.

Moreover, the platform holds special events for participants keen on collecting decks of cards, where there are special Card Wars, closed draws, that can significantly increase the income from coins compared to other decentralized exchanges.

  • Collectible cards have a high collectible value. Most often, collectible cards will appear in the Rare and Legendary categories but can be found in other types of cards, but much less often.

The luckiest users can find special Mythic cards that will be issued once a year, up to a maximum of 5 cards. Such cards have an exceptional value, special privileges on the platform, and can be reused in various special events for collectible cardholders. We’re all lucky, right?

Want to receive cards of high categories?

There is a solution! Any bonus card can be changed according to the 1:5 ratio. This means that, if a user has 5 cards of the Common category, then he can exchange them for one card of the Unusual category. Note that the rule does not work in the opposite direction!

How to receive cards?

The system for crediting bonus cards is already working! Each participant can receive bonus cards for purchasing ESW tokens.

Read more about the terms here.

In addition to the simple purchase, the cards can also be obtained as a result of farming.

Farming is staking various currencies in liquidity pools on AMM Emiswap. It does not happen immediately and distributed over time.

Special bonuses for the “early birdies”!

The platform takes a special random draw of 100 cards of the highest categories among all ESW token sale participants for making a one-time purchase of 500 ESW or more:

Unusual — 75 cards;

Rare — 20 cards;

Legendary — 5 cards.

NOTE: The first collection dedicated to the launch of the EmiSwap token sale will be historically unique and inimitable, resulting in a special value!

Stay up to date!

To learn more about Magic NFT EmiCards, check out the latest EmiSwap updates:

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