EmiSwap explained: ESW governance tokens

Hello, EmiSwappers!

Let’s continue our series of short articles devoted to the key features of the EmiSwap decentralized exchange. You already know that the ESW token plays a very important governance role in the ecosystem of EmiDAO. We’d like to tell you more!

What is ESW?

ESW governance token entitles holders to take part in the decision-making process and vote on the future development of the project. This way, when you buy an ESW token, you become an actual owner of the EmiSwap exchange and are able to vote on future updates. Any protocol change is possible only through a voting procedure among ESW token holders.

Moreover, each user who buys ESW tokens has a chance to get a share of EmiSwap’s profit proportionately to a share of token ownership: 0.05% of exchange trading volume is distributed among the community members. There are never too many bonuses, right?

How to get ESW tokens?

Early Swappers and Liquidity Providers also get extra bonuses in ESW tokens. The total allocation fund for early adopters is 6,000,000 ESW. Only the fastest will get the bonuses.

Furthermore, ESW tokens can be obtained as a result of farming NFT Magic Cards (extra ESW tokens are one of the bonuses these cards contain), participating in the referral and ambassador program, and providing liquidity to the protocols of EmiSwap. From the exchange fee of 0.3%, 0.25% goes to liquidity providers and 0.05% is as mentioned distributed among ESW holders.

Why you should act quickly

Along with that, during the token sale, you will be able to get NFT Magic Cards — collectible tradable cards — as a bonus for the first 1,000 token sale participants. There’s only one catch: to get those you need to buy at least 500 ESW and join the white list. The card collectors are also offered an opportunity to participate in special events like tournaments and closed draws that can boost your profit.

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