Your Complete Guide to Purchasing ESW Tokens

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By popular demand from our amazing community, we’ve prepared a full guide on ESW token: its role in the EmiSwap ecosystem, benefits, and purchase options. Make yourself comfortable and let’s sort it out together!

What is ESW token?

ESW is a governance token that adds fairness and decentralization to the EmiSwap AMM DEX ecosystem. The ESW token holders are the actual owners of the project who have a right to get a share of profits and make decisions on its project development. No change in the EmiSwap protocol is possible without a voting procedure. That means, you as a holder will determine the future of the EmiSwap evolution.

ESW tokens provide their holders with a 0,05% reward from all the transactions on EmiSwap. That means, for 1,000,000 DAI trading volume (which is roughly the same as Mooniswap’s daily trading volume), 500 DAI will be allocated to ESW holders in proportion to the number of ESW they have.

How to get your ESW tokens?

There are three possible ways to become a lucky owner of ESW tokens:

  • Participate in token sale
    The price for each ESW is 0,11 DAI. Those participants who purchase at least 500 ESW (55 DAI) will get special NFT Magic Cards that can be unpacked to get a profit-boosting bonus, or sold later on an internal marketplace.

But today, we’d love to tell you more about the first option which seems to be the easiest way to get your ESW tokens and make the best of the EmiSwap usage from the very beginning.

How to buy the EmiSwap tokens?

If you want to get the most of participating in the token sale, we recommend that you visit the token sale page and fill in your details to get your bonus NFT Magic Cards after the end of the sale. Note that the guaranteed NFT Magic Card bonus is only available to the first 1,000 ESW buyers who fill in the White List application. Don’t miss this opportunity ;)

To purchase ESW tokens, click on the button “Buy ESW” in the upper right corner and follow our instructions:

  1. Click the button “Connect to a wallet”.

2. Accept the terms of use.

3. Select the wallet from which you will buy ESW and connect it with the website.

4. Choose the cryptocurrency to invest.

5. Enter the necessary amount and click “Invest”.

6. Click “Confirm Invest”

7. Confirm the transaction in your wallet as well.

8. Your transaction is submitted, well done!

After that, you will be able to check your balance on the EmiSwap platform by clicking on the ETH-address button in the top right corner of the site. The ESW tokens balance will be displayed on this page.

If you still have questions on how to buy ESW, watch our video guide on youtube:

Welcome to the truly decentralized family of ESW token owners!

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