EmiSwap’s Big Launch Airdrop: Join to Benefit

4 min readMar 22, 2021

Nice to meet you, wanderer!

There’s no coincidence that you read this article. We’ve targeted you to invite you to join EmiSwap. Why?

  1. We are the first DEX to compensate gas for all operations.
  2. We are managed by the community of ESW holders.
  3. We distribute 100% of the protocol’s income among ESW holders.
  4. We have yield-boosting NFT mechanics.
  5. We plan to support cross-blockchain operations.
  6. We are supported by Alpha Sigma Capital, DigiFinex, Bitmart, Everest, and Emirex.
  7. Today we invite you to earn money simply for joining our AMA.

Now, when you have these seven facts, let us tell you more.

You earn regardless of the ESW token price

EmiSwap is a community-driven AMM exchange supplemented with NFTs and governed by the EmiDAO autonomous organization. What does that mean?

Every holder of ESW — EmiDAO’s native token — becomes the actual owner of its products including the EmiSwap DEX. Holders vote on the future development of the product and receive 100% of the project’s revenue.

In the case of EmiSwap, the fee is 0,3% where 0,25% goes to liquidity providers, and 0,05% goes to you — ESW token holder. That means the more ESW you hold, the more you earn from the revenue distribution, the larger your stake becomes, and… the more you earn from the revenue distribution.

The amount of USD that user can earn holding a certain amount of ESW tokens

Furthermore, this model allows you to earn regardless of the token price. Your income is based on the percentage of exchange turnover. The more popular it becomes, the more you earn on a daily basis.

Wanna learn who’s already joined EmiDAO? You’ll be impressed: it’s Alpha Sigma Capital investment fund; BitMart, Emirex, and DigiFinex centralized exchanges; Everest KYC provider… and the list goes on.

EmiDAO Alliance

Damn gas price: we compensate it

Now, when you understand the value of the ESW token let us tell you more about gas compensation. We do compensate for the Ethereum fees and allocate the respective amount of ESW tokens to your balance. Even if you swap 5 USDT and pay 30 USDT as a fee. Automatically, till April, 12.

Do you get the idea? The more active you are on EmiSwap, the more ESW you earn, the larger your stake becomes, and the more you earn from the revenue distribution. Just as we’ve said before.

And yes, we don’t care whether you want to buy more ESW tokens during our token sale, or provide liquidity, or make a swap. We’ll send you the compensation in any case.

ESW token sale entitles you to NFTs

NFTs? Those crypto-collectibles that cost out the ass and are the hottest trend in crypto? Yes.

In the future, NFTs will be earned as a result of farming on EmiSwap. But now they are available for the first 1,000 token sale participants only. If you purchase at least 500 ESW (1 ESW = 0,11 DAI) and register for the White List — you get the first limited-edition NFT card with unique features. You can sell them on the marketplace or you can unpack them to get a special yield-boosting bonus!

Such bonuses include bonus ESW tokens, farm-speeding powers, x2 and even x3 multiplier for an exchange, extra rare NFTs… To sum it up, if you’re a collector you’ll love it. If you’re a bounty hunter — you’ll love it even more.

Big Launch AMA for all newcomers & 5,000 bucks contest

Now when you’ve learned the most important facts about EmiSwap, we’d love to invite you to earn bonus ESW tokens during our Big Launch AMA planned for April 2, 17:00 UTC.

If you read everything till this paragraph, you must feel interested in the value that we offer to the market of DeFi, and we want to tell you more during our live session in the EmiSwap Telegram chat. We do not persuade you to buy ESW or provide liquidity to our protocols. It is always your decision. We want to share our breakthrough ideas with you and praise the most active participants.

We’ll give out 55,000 ESW worth $5,000 to the 25 most active AMA participants who meet the following terms:

  1. Register for the White List.
    If you make up your mind about purchasing ESW after the AMA session, we’ll have an NFT card reserved for you.
  2. Join our Telegram chat.
  3. Be active during the AMA session and ask questions that interest you most.

Ready to get started with Uni-killer?

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The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees