Why are Liquidity Providers rushing to EmiSwap?

  • To win a share of the trading fees, swap tokens on EmiSwap or add value to pools.
  • It makes no difference how much you trade: even if you only swapped $10 in tokens, you’ll get access to rewards and benefits.
  • Refunds will be credited to your account in ESW tokens.
  • ESW is EmiSwap’s native governance token with a total supply of 200 million ESW.
  • ESW Tokens render you eligible for further rewards. EmiSwap charges a 0.3% premium for any exchange. 0.25% is immediately spread to liquidity suppliers, with the remaining 0.05% assigned to ESW holders. The more ESW you have, the more prizes you get.
  • 6 million ESW is distributed among early swappers and liquidity providers for their activities.
  • Trade more to gain more ESW and a larger share of the trading fees!
  • 10–100 days after launch: x10 trading fee rewards. Every day, the system will sum the trading fees provided on the platform and multiply them by ten. The x10 bonus will be paid in ESW, and we’ve set aside 30,000 ESW for this project, equating to a gross swapping amount of 1 million DAI. If the total trade volume hits 1 million DAI before Day 100, the x10 incentive program will be terminated automatically.
  • Days 10–40 after launch: an additional reward of 6,150 ESW per 1,000 blocks, which we will allocate to all liquidity suppliers built on their share of total liquidity value. With an average block time of about 15 seconds on Ethereum, 1,000 blocks equal 250 minutes or slightly more than 4 hours, so we’ll pay out more than 30,000 ESW to our early adopters every 24 hours.
  • You provide liquidity worth $100,000 for ETH/DAI token pair.
  • You pay 100 USDT for gas and get 9090 ESW as compensation.
  • Total liquidity on EmiSwap is 20,000,000 DAI, which means your share is 0.5%.
  • Daily trading volume is 3,000,000 DAI, thus 7,500 DAI is distributed among LPs daily. You receive 37,5 DAI every day.
  • Additionally, 90,000 ESW (30,000 ESW for each 1 million trading volume) is allocated to LPs proportionally. You receive 450 ESW daily.
  • Furthermore, liquidity providers get 6,150 ESW for every 1,000 blocks. There are 6,800 blocks daily, so 41,820 ESW will be distributed among LPs. Your reward is 201 ESW daily.
  • Your daily reward, in this case, is 37,5 DAI + 651 ESW. You also get additional income from ESW holdings, 0.05% daily.
  • In this case, you will earn 1125 DAI + 19,530 ESW monthly (in case all the conditions described in this example are met).
  • According to our calculations, once LTV on EmiSwap reaches 20 million DAI, the price of the ESW token will increase from 0,11 DAI to 0,4 DAI. In the case described, this makes a 107% APY for providing liquidity on EmiSwap (excluding 0.05% rewards for ESW tokens).



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The first decentralized AMM exchange with NFTs and ESW governance token that compensates 100% gas on Ethereum and distributes 100% of trading fees