When Will EmiSwap NFT Bonuses Start Working?

2 min readMay 7, 2021

Hello EmiSwappers & Magic Card Collectors!

Many of you are wondering why NFT Magic Card Bonuses are not included or active in the first 90 days after launch. The answer is pretty simple: The rewards in the first quarter of the launch are extremely high!

EmiSwap users are refunded the Ethereum Gas Fees they spend on any operation while using EmiSwap as well as daily rewards and gains if you are an ESW holder, which if you make any swap or provide liquidity, will automatically be added in ESW to your wallet. You can learn more about ESW tokens.

As an initiative to make sure that liquidity is always available and abundant on our DEX, we decided that it would be best for our users collectively if the NFT Cards Bonuses are rolled out only after the 10X campaign is over. This is a simple protective measure for ESW holders everywhere. It will provide a better handle on the success and future of our powerful protocol.

Here’s what you have to keep in mind and why you shouldn’t worry:

  • NFT Card bonuses will start working only after the 10X bonuses for liquidity providers campaign ends — in mid-July, 2021;
  • The card you’ve received for participating in the pre-seed or for providing liquidity is a hole (unopened) till the 10X bonus campaign is over;
  • After that, you’ll be able to open your card and get your bonus: could be bonus ESW tokens, rewards for liquidity providers, swappers, ESW staking, or card multiplying bonuses.
  • Other bonuses like farm-speeding bonuses, collectibles, and battle cards will be released later, soon after the functionality for farming, Card Wars, and the internal marketplace is ready and super.

In a nutshell:

NFT bonuses will be available only after the 10X campaign is over; to encourage and keep liquidity as well as support the same level of interest in the EmiSwap protocol later on.

Provide liquidity now in top traded cryptocurrencies; earn trading fees, and become an essential part of the EmiSwap DEX family.

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