All you need to know about NFT Magic Cards

4 min readMay 19, 2021

Hey EmiSwappers,

The following will be your guide for all things Magic Cards. The information is pretty simple, interesting, and rewarding to know. Whether you’re recommending EmiSwap to a colleague or for your investments, you can never go wrong with an extremely rare NFT from the most promising DEX on the market.

NFT Magic Cards are a cutting-edge gamified mechanic that offers much more than usual NFT units. Unlike regular cryptocurrency tokens, they are not interchangeable, each of them contains unique information about the object they encode.

EmiSwap Magic Cards are playable, tradable and yieldーboosting NFT collectible digital cards that may remind you of Magic: The Gathering but powered by blockchain instead.

Why are EmiSwap’s Magic Cards special?

  • They are issued in collections, both monthly and on special occasions.
  • Every collection contains cards of all 5 tiers.
  • Five cards of the same tier can be swapped for one card of a higher tier.
  • Users can participate in Card Wars and win valuable prizes.
  • They can be traded in a fun marketplace to be released in July.
  • They help EmiSwap users make real money.

How on earth do they do that?

Well, the unique trick that makes NFT Magic Cards powerful is that they simply boost user’s profit on the exchange by providing bonus ESW tokens, farm-speeding powers, X2 and even X3 multipliers for card exchanges, along with mythic and battle cards of dazzling value and rarity that can be exchanged on an internal dedicated marketplace or played in tournaments and limited special events.

To reach $100 million TVL (liquidity locked), the path is divided into 1000 milestones, e.g. $100,000 TVL, $200,000 TVL, $300,000 TVL, etc., plus one extra milestone that will grant its closer a Mythic Card. We are rewarding liquidity providers that help us cross each milestone. You have a chance to get yourself a nice NFT and keep in mind, the further you are when you add liquidity, the rarer the card you win.

In total, EmiSwap will issue 1001 limited edition NFTs for this campaign divided into:

  • 1 Mythic Card
  • 10 Legendary Cards
  • 40 Epic Cards
  • 150 Rare Cards
  • 300 Uncommon Cards
  • 500 Ordinary Cards

Different Magic Cards and their Magic Powers

ESW Bonus Cards

You flip the card and immediately claim a bonus of “ex: 1500 ESW”. The Higher the tier, the higher the maximum bonus.

X2 and X3 Cards

If you have 3 hole Rare cards and you need 2 more to complete a set of 5 and swap them for 1 Epic card, you can use an X2 card to substitute the 2 cards you’re missing. An X3 card, if you’re missing 3 cards. Then you can quickly get an Epic card.

Battle Cards

These are powerful cards that let you compete in exciting Card Wars and win rare prizes including very unique cards and even tokens.

Simple Cards

Since these cards are exquisite and unique, you can easily sell them on the market. They also have access to exclusive draws and member-only incentives.

Special Power Cards

Special powers let you perform EmiSwap activities quicker. A collectible may cut the time it takes to win a card by 10% or you may win a 10% bonus from our liquidity pools if you invest in a weekly liquidity flash game for example.

Mythic Cards

These are cards of outstanding significance, and only 5 will be issued each year. They are capable of Battle and Collectible card powers and in addition, help increase revenue, gain access to all closed events and play in competitions.

The Rules of the Game

  • You won’t know what your Magic Card holds until you flip it.
  • X2 and X3 cards are an exception as they are opened automatically.
  • To swap or exchange cards, they have to remain hole (not flipped).
  • When new card collections are announced, so will information detailing their bonuses and collectibles.
  • Participants will know what to expect; but not what they will discover once their cards are flipped.

Important disclaimer regarding NFT rewards

NFT bonuses will be available only after the 10X campaign is over; to encourage and keep liquidity as well as support the same level of interest in the EmiSwap protocol later on.

  • Only after the 10X bonuses for liquidity providers campaign expires — in mid-July 2021 — can NFT Card bonuses become functional.
  • The card you got for engaging in the pre-seed or having liquidity will remain hole (unopened) until the 10X bonus campaign wraps.
  • Following that, you will be able to open your card and receive your bonus, which may be bonus ESW tokens, rewards for liquidity suppliers, swappers, ESW staking, or card multiplying prizes.
  • Other perks, such as farm-speeding powers and battle cards will be available shortly after their design and internal marketplace integration.

You can learn more about NFT Magic Cards by visiting them in their Magic Hall.

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