EmiSwap DEX Extends Ether Gas Refunds

Dear DeFi Community,

We don’t know when gas fees will become more sustainable and fathomable, but we believe this will help. Gas fees are still a major problem for many traders. Don’t miss out on your opportunity because you couldn’t afford however much gas costs!

EmiSwap has been refunding users for gas fees since March 12 when we first launched the gas fee compensation campaign. Today we are delighted to announce that we will be officially extending it till July, 15.

Make swaps, add liquidity, or stake your favourite pairs on EmiSwap, get 10X rewards, and full Ether gas refunds in ESW. You will immediately be allocated an equal value in ESW tokens to your wallet. If you happen to add liquidity, the way you do it would make you eligible to win one of our unique and exciting NFT Magic Cards.

EmiSwap is the first project in the EmiDAO ecosystem, the world’s first truly autonomous DAO which gives ESW holders the platform to earn extremely high rewards and vote on the prospects of EmiSwap. Join us today for a myriad of rewards, benefits, and a better DEX experience.

Thousands of users are already being automatically compensated for operations including Swaps, Liquidity Providing, and ESW investments.

If ESW fails to show up in your wallet for any reason, contact our IT support chat with your details and we guarantee you a speedy recovery of your earned governance token that will soon be listed on launchpads!

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